Vitronics Soltec offers a full range of Selective soldering solutions, allowing customers to choose and optimize the best fit for their application. All systems are network capable and automatically collect and deliver the data required by today’s high reliability users in industries such as automotive, medical and military.

mySelective 6746

The 6746 selective machines from Vitronics Soltec provide the ideal solution for lower volume soldering applications. These machines feature a small footprint and are easily upgradable to keep current with today’s and tomorrow’s soldering demands.



mySelective 6747/mySelective 6748

For high throughput and accuracy, the 6747/6748 selective machines from Vitronics Soltec are the answer. These machines are designed to meet the growing challenges of high yields, cost-efficient production, and process control.




The ZEVAv brings the next dimension to selective soldering technology. It's what you need today to meet the growing challenges of high yields, cost effective production and process control. Operator and maintenance interventions can be executed during manufacturing. The machine's architecture allows it to accommodate the appropriate setting to match each individual application. Read More